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Description of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records have been described as a library that every human experience, the Memory of God, the Mystery that Remembers, or part of your own multi-dimensional DNA coding. Your Akashic records are keyed specifically and accurately to you and you alone through the morphogenic field; when a Consultant opens your Records to receive information from them, he or she will ask you for your legal name.

In your Records are all of your past lives, and everything you have learned, from raising a large family to sailing a Clipper around the Horn, or knowing how to dream lucidly. You can ask your Record Keepers to pull that kind of information from your records in order to help with your present life, as well.

The lives that you have lived in other places and other times can be of tremendous help to you now, because in a very real sense you are living them now: your soul is not limited by time or space. Your soul and your Higher Self have stayed with you through all of them, and both of them help you choose your desired path as a human being, whose greatest power is choice.

You can call on a lifetime with a happy family to give yourself a more tolerant and generous attitude with your present one, or call on that life when you were a daring explorer to pull in more courage for your present challenges. You can be told of healthy lives to help work with current health challenges. When you open a life as a skilled artisan, you can allow more creativity in this life. You can pull what you need from lives as a successful warrior to deal with a present conflict. and feel surer of your own wisdom when you open lives as a wise teacher, a spiritual master, or a benevolent and far-seeing judge.