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Lightworkers’ Prayers

PRAYERS FOR LIGHTWORKERS From the Council for the Light-Workers of Humanity:

 These prayers can be memorized and used throughout the day.

 139First Prayer: For the Children of the World:

“Lir lir LEY, lir lir LOW, lolly lolly LEY, lolly lolly LOW; Rhee TAHK, FAHnnie TAHK, HERR-ohn, MERR-ohn, TOH!”

Imagine children playing in a schoolyard. They gather together in a circle, holding hands as you and they sing the first prayer together. Then, as they raise their hands and shake them in the air, repeat with them: “ROW ho-ho, ROW ho-ho, ROW ho-ho, See-OH!” You can do this prayer many times.
Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.

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Second Prayer: Putting Thought-Forms of Fear to Rest:


This will anesthetize, dissolve, and destroy the thought-forms of fear, hatred, prejudice, patterns of abuse, and so on. This prayer has global and a personal effects: if you know you are being plagued by a thought-form, this prayer will remove it. Say it several times a day, whenever you feel fear or anxiety.

Mandala:  (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.


 178Third Prayer:  Emplacing Crystals of Light in Places Where Evil Has Been Removed:


This prayer is done after healing, deep changes, or after horror or trauma has been eased. These crystals hold the light in place, forming in clusters that resonate with the crystalline grid of the planet.
Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.


127Fourth Prayer:  Drawing In the Positive Dark Light to Change the Meaning of Darkness:

RHENteeahn, nenTARReoh, RHEN teahn, nen TARReeoh, RhenteyHOHN, RHE! RHE! RHE! SOHfahn!”

This creates a high-energy dark light that changes darkness itself into another aspect of love. Imagine this new dark light swirling into the atmosphere of Earth like ink into water, changing the atmosphere. Repeat as many times as you like.
Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.


219Fifth Prayer: Dampening Dangerous Rage:

“Kay aLEEK Keri-YOHN, BROtaHEY, Bro TECK, Bro TECK, Bro TOHN!”

This sets up a dampening, cooling energy field to absorb the heat and pain of rage, pulling away its strain and pressure, then soaking up the rage and removing it. The “TOHN” anchors the energy so that every time the prayer is said, whoever has benefited from this prayer will be benefited that much again, every time.
Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.



Sixth Prayer: Healing and Cleansing the Stains of Old Wars, Murders, and Tragedies:

FerRIK CHOlahn, CheerRIK CHOlahn, ArTISH CHOlahn, ChaFEER, FEY!

Repeat these phrases continually as you imagine wiping the ground where wars and tragedy have happened with a shining cloth. The pain, agony, grief and terror soak out of the earth into the cloth. When the cloth gets too full, give it to an angel and ask for another one.
Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.



126Seventh Prayer: Increasing Spiritual and Psychic Perception to Open Spiritual and Psychic Awareness:

“ReeHOH lee, RhenEEARdon, ChoRES, ChoREN, BEYtahk!”

This prayer magnifies spiritual and psychic awareness worldwide, Imagine innumerable angels that know the deep names of all human hearts surrounding the planet. Surrounding the world with a shell of light, they beat their shining wings as fast as a hovering bird as they say the prayer with you.
Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.


109Eighth  prayer: To Open Up New Possibilities:

“BEN mey noh, BEN mey noh; OOren, OOren, OOren tob; Jay, Jay, Jay, TOO!”

The phrases are said lightly, but the “Jay, jay, jay too!” is said with joyful emphasis, and a sense of your own authority as a child of God. Say it under your breath any time you think of it – it will get things opening.

Mandala: (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.



 152Ninth Prayer: For Added Good Fortune and Blessing:

“BrulLET, bruLET, bruLET, tohk, tohk, tohk, fiREE, fiREEzen feREE!”

In the spirit of fairy godmothers, who help needing and deserving people, this prayer connects good things with other good things tipping the balance of the world to more good fortune and gracious luck. This prayer re-calibrates, maintains, and renews and updates the mechanisms of good fortune, by removing all the things that interfere with the smooth motions of Grace.
Mandala:  (C) Elizabeth Morse DreamShifter Designs; used with permission.



Sphere and cube light-body mediation:

This meditation can be done many times, and is excellent protection. Center your breathing in your heart. Feel a square cube around you, a little taller than your height, and a little wider than your arms stretched out, with your light-body as a perfect sphere inside of the cube. As your light-body draws into your physical body, allow Divine light to pour into your heart. This Divine light will mingle with your own, creating a strong, intense light, and become a cloak or cape you can wear when you need protection when doing any meditative work.

Anchoring the light-body:

When you are aware of your light-body, imagine putting the medallion of your authority as a human being around your neck so it rests over your heart. Next, feel your own angel wings springing up from your shoulder blades. Stretch them up and out, and way over your head: they are large, and wide, and strong. Feel a very strong light in your Hara center (about three inches below your navel) forming the top of the light-body anchor. Complete the anchor by feeling another strong light about a foot below the soles of your feet. Whether you are sitting, standing or lying down the light under your feet will not move: it will always stay in that relationship to you.

The Light-bell meditation for Clearing Ghosts:

This prayer is best done on a regular schedule, once a week or every two weeks. Say: “In the name of love, and in the honor of love, I ask to be allowed to call the lost souls home.” (If you are working in a group, everyone says “I” in this first part.) Then, set the intention: “Dear Great One, the Mother and Father of all living souls, and all who have fear of death, and all who have turned away from the light out of anxiety – we pray so that all of you are welcome. We pray so that all lost souls, all of those who are confused, all of those who are frightened, all of those who are lost, all of those who felt they should have nothing more than Hell, all of those who have forgotten themselves, all of those who have felt unloved, and all of those who have felt afraid, may return Home. Dear great and beloved God, who is Mother and Father both of us all – call each soul by the name you know them, call each soul back to home, and grace, and forgiveness!” (Note: Say “we” even though you are doing this alone.)

Imagine this prayer is a bell as big as the Moon, ringing. It calls out a love that will take on the form that each soul needs to be able to trust. Say: “It’s time, it’s time to come home, to be finished with the nightmares, with the fear, with the confusion! It’s time to come home! It’s safe to come home now! Time to come home! Time to come home now: it’s safe to come home! Time to come home now: it’s safe to come home!” The light and the sound will reverberate throughout the Earth’s atmosphere, releasing many ghosts.

To clear those who are lost on the way to death because they do not realize they have died, say these words: “In the honor of Love and the clarity of Light, in the clarity of Grace and the honor of Caring, I ask the numberless guides of humanity to work with me to remind those who have forgotten that Death embraces all of their lives on Earth and contains everyone in love.”

Feel like a lens focusing the divine light though you and say, “In subtlety is Truth. In the hidden is the magic of days. In remembering is the magic of all that was ever done. Your freedom is found in simply stepping forward! By Grace, we untie the loops; by forgiveness we erase the confusion; by our knowing we make the way clear, and by our loving everything is changed. So be it, so be it, so be it, and so it is, so it is, so it is, and so it is inside and outside of Time, changing what has been into what is constantly becoming. And so everything is changed!”

Shifting The Energy Within Corporations:

Imagine a large number of corporate executives standing in a conference room, all dressed in a very business-like fashion – but each one is wearing either a mask of tragedy or comedy. Observe these faceless, inhuman actors within the corporation who do not wish to be seen and held accountable, and say: “Pluto in Capricorn renders anonymity impossible. Pluto in Capricorn renders irresponsibility invalid. Pluto in Capricorn renders mind-slavery obsolete.”

All of a sudden all of the masks are laughing or crying, howling or giggling! The masks take over so the executives cry out in voices of outrage or shock, self-depreciation or astonishment. Say aloud, “A new message from the Chief Executive: Human is as human does. Shatter the masks!” The masks laugh or cry so hard they break! More and more faces are revealed as the masks shatter and their pieces fall away, and then a wave of silence follows. Say into the silence: “Enough is enough! It’s already finished!”


What is the Council for the Light-Workers of Humanity?

These prayers are from a group of beings that identify themselves as Thrones: “We are not those who are most close to God: we have stepped away a little. (They refer to the angelic list: God, then Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, the Dominions, Powers, Virtues, then Principalities, Archangels, and angels.) But we are still within tremendous light. We have helped create, are creating and will continue to create the universes henceforth. We are the Words of God that are the Actions of God: we are the Words of God that Manifest. In a very real sense we are not angels: we are spirits of Intention, Creation, Wisdom, Love and Grace. To us, light is a solid substance. Were you to ask us the spiritual test, “Do you come of God?” we would answer, “Yes, we come of God.” We do not stray from the Divine Intention! Because Humanity is so dear to God, we have made Humanity our current project, and offer these prayers in honor and love.

What language are we using in the Council prayers?

The language is one of the Languages of God, one that directs manifestation intimately. The words in the prayers are audible relics of stepping down a very high vibration, and then reproducing the tones in the words in your lower octave of energy. They have been translated accurately enough that the meanings of the words stay in their original sequence, and retain as much as possible of their original effect. The original language is the song of physical cells and substances – not the atoms, but the mixtures of the elements of organic chemistry. This language cannot be head directly, but the Council works very hard with human phonemes and sounds. Nearly all the vowels are the original pure Human sounds (ah, ey, ee, ii, o, uu), because the “aeiou” is one of the sequences of the Harmony of the Spheres.

This pure vowel-tone aspect of the divine was kept specifically for Human beings because God knew human beings would speak aloud (unlike the majority of races on other planets that are telepathic). It is not a “light” language: it is a language of chemical interactions. When translated into human sounds this language acts as a series of foci that alter things, assisting the minute shifts that can cascade into deep changes. In these translations, the actions of the sounds are true and direct, but the actions are limited to the prayer’s intention. In this way they become precise instruments of communication.