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My Biography

I have lived in the SF Bay Area since 1961. When I was 14, I met the psychic Betty Bethards, who taught me to meditate, and how to listen to my guides. My mother died quite suddenly two years later. That year was a watershed for me, because even though it was hell to let my mother go, I knew we are not our bodies, and so I kept meditating. I studied with some of the Bay Area Sufis, expanding my spiritual practices until I left them in 1990.

In that same year, I married my husband, a computer engineer, and began working with Spirit Speaks magazine, channeling Obehon, a town-witch from Bath, England in the early 1500s. Soon after, I started working with various ET’s, through The Lodestone Bridge, several of which had also been my friends on other worlds. As a part of that work, I met someone that channeled the Egyptian gods, who helped me get ordained by Olivia Robertson of the Fellowship of Isis in 1999.

In 2009, I met Lisa Barnett at a Whole Living Expo in San Francisco. She taught me how to open my own Akashic Records with the prayer that was re-discovered by the Akashic Record Consultants International. In 2010, I learned how to open the Records for other people. I bacame and Akashic Records Consultant with the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom in 2014.