More About Personal Channeled Readings…

If you choose a channeling session with Francesca Thoman, you do need to know the person or personality you want to have channeled for you. It helps to write down questions in advance, but it is not required. All channeling sessions are offered to you with the greatest sense of honor, confidentiality, and respect; thank you for approaching these sessions with integrity.

Francesca Thoman can channel loved ones, your past-life personalities, and even personalities from your alternate lives in other realities. She can channel someone specific from the past that is known to history. However, her guides will protect her and will not let her channel the human personalities of despots, vicious criminals, or others who live to harm Humanity.

If you have any doubts about the nature of the person or personality coming through in the channeling, ask, “Do you come of God? All spirits that are sourced in truth and benevolence will answer, “Yes, I come of God!” without hesitation. This is a test that cannot be faked.

It will take a few moments for her to connect with the person being channeled: this is to assure that what is offered is the best and realest work that can be done.

Although these sessions are dynamic, interactive, and flexible, they are not intended to work as fortune telling or a psychic reading. If a past-life personality gives a prediction, remember that the future is not fixed: human free-will choice can always shift things for the better.

If you need financial, psychiatric, legal, or medical advice, it is strongly recommended that you consult your physician, health care, lawyer, or other professional for assistance. These channeling sessions are not intended to provide you with legal, financial, or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, not is it meant to replace psychiatric consultations with a licensed practitioner. Francesca Thoman disclaims any liability regarding this consultation that may arise directly or indirectly from any advice given.

The charge for a channeling session is $100.00 per hour; most sessions last for an hour. Francesca can work over the phone or in a Zoom session.

Thank you!