More About Your Akashic Wisdom…

Why is This Site Called Your Akashic Wisdom?

The Akashic Records are your story of all your lives, present, past, and future, on Earth and other worlds and alternate realities, and all the times you have spent between lives in all of the heavens there are – and they are your intimate truths. Whatever you have discovered, or learned, or invented, or created is there in your records, along with all your training, all your experiences of God and Love, how to work with others even when they are difficult — in short your wisdom.

When your records are opened in a Consultation, they are opened with respect and a sense of sacredness, and the information is revealed to you as clearly and accurately as possible: what you have discovered, what you have earned, and what you have created for yourself.

 In these Records are your “toolkits” from your life-experience, and you have everything there, from how to raise a large family, how to wake up every day before dawn for morning prayers, or how to walk quietly in the woods… and most anything else you can think of doing. So what the Masters, Teachers and Loved ones of your Akashic Records offer you is the depth and breadth of what you know, what they can reveal to you, and how they can help you craft your life with care and elegance.

What to Expect in a Session

A session can last ten minutes or an hour and a half; it depends on how many questions you ask and (sometimes) how much your Record Keepers want to say in response. Every session begins with a spoken prayer, and then time must be allowed to make sure I am “in your Records,” and sure to get whatever information I am permitted to perceive. I will not be channeling in the usual sense: I will instead be entering into the sacred place where your records and your Record Keepers reside, and receiving information directly from them.

During the session, you can ask for clarification, or another example of what they are trying to tell you so that you can be sure you understand; you can also ask new questions, even little things that just occur to you at the moment. Your Record keepers know you very well, and will do their best to be clear and understood.

I charge $130.00 per hour. When your questions have been answered and the work is done, I close your records with a prayer, thanking your Record Keepers, the Lords of your Records, and your Master, Teachers, and Loved Ones.

Your Record Keepers may give you “homework:” meditations, visualizations, or prayers you can use to work with a certain situation, intention, or personal relationship. You are under no obligation to do these prayers or meditations, nor are you obligated to accept what they have to say – you’re a human being, and your greatest gift is your free will. But your Record Keepers wish them nothing but good in your life, and offer what they do with harm to none.

Description of the Records and the Record Keepers

The Akashic Records have been described in several ways, from a library that contains all of human experience and memory, to the Memory of God, or the Mystery that Remembers, and as part of your multi-dimensional DNA coding. Your Akashic records are keyed specifically and accurately to you and you alone through the morphogenic field of legality; hence, when a Consultant opens your Records to receive information from them, he or she will ask you for your legal name.

Your own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are those discarnate beings that have been with you in this life and other lives – your guides, Higher Self, old friends and spiritual masters. The Lords of the Akashic Records are beings of tremendous purity and integrity that allow and enable Consultants to receive information from your Records, governing the communication so that respect for the sacredness of the Records is honored. The Record Keepers are beings of wisdom and powerful grace, who uphold the integrity of the Records while collecting and translation the information into a form that can be understood by a Consultant who has opened your records, or by yourself when you have been taught to open your own.

Most sessions can give you quite surprising details and personalized use of language, points of view, and presentation. You can ask about other people who are close to you, though your own Keepers will usually tell you only what you need to know in order to work better with those family members and friends you ask about.

Sample Questions for the Record Keepers:

How can I enhance my spiritual perceptions and awareness?

How can I become more aware of the guidance I am already receiving?

What are my spiritual lessons for this life?

What is my soul’s path?

What are my talents in this life?

What tools have I brought with me?

What things have I forgotten that might help me now?

What can you tell me about my past lives?

Which of them most influence my life now?

Are there any future lives I am working on now?

What can you tell me about working with the people around me?

Are any of them part of my soul family?

Can you tell me about past or future lives I may have with them?

Is there anyone I have Karma with?

What do I need to understand now?

Do I need more information?