Personal Channeled Readings

A live channeling session can be a very special experience. Drawing upon her 30 years of experience channeling Nikola Tesla and many others, conscious channel Francesca Thoman offers a unique opportunity to hear from people on the Other Side, as well as extra-terrestrials, angels, and the Elfkind. Although not every person or being called upon may be willing to speak, Francesca and her guides will do their best to bring through the being or personality you have requested forward to answer questions and tell you whatever can be shared.

There are three levels of channeling: relay, conscious channeling, and deep trance channeling. All of the channeled books with Nikola Tesla and other famous people were transmitted via relay:  ”It is like driving the car of my mind while listening to the radio.” Conscious channeling is “letting my mind be driven by the personality while I sit in the back seat.” This allows Francesca to check on the information as it is being transmitted, and gives further protection from any malevolent entities.

Deep trance channeling is “surrendering the car to the other driver completely, and waiting for the other driver to bring the car back.” With very rare exceptions, for her protection and yours, Francesca does not enter into deep trance channeling.

Channeling sessions usually last an hour, however can sometimes extend longer. They are generally positive, responsive, and intriguing opportunities to hear from another person, personality, or entity you have known, or would like to know.

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