“I am grateful for the time we had together and the information that came through… It answered most of what I have been seeking… plus more. When the time comes, I will contact you again.” Barbara

“Thank you very much for my profound Akashic Record Reading! It was the best reading I have ever had. Until your reading I had not fully realized the importance of the Akashic Records. I cannot thank you enough…” Angelica

“Our time today meant so much! I am extremely grateful. Continue your work: you are so gifted!”  Judith

“I still smile every time I think of your beautiful smile when doing the show with Kevin Moore. I had stopped watching him, but the Mona-Lisa-like smile on his thumbnail made me click on the video: so glad I did!”   Meg

“I feel like I can relax, now: rest and enjoy life. To know that just by being here I will have impact is enough. I thoroughly enjoyed the session!” Tracey

“Your consultations have helped me tremendously in developing my understanding of myself, my experiences, and life. I appreciate your work and I look forward to next time!” Susan