Your Akashic Record Consultation Consent Form

This Akashic Record Consultation is offered to you with the greatest sense of honor, confidentiality, and respect. Your Akashic Record Keepers have been with you since the very first moment you have existed and have the Records of your past, present, and future lives, as well as lives in other universes and realities. They are beings of high integrity and strive to give you the information you need, and ask for, in real time.

Although these sessions are dynamic, interactive, and flexible, they are not intended to work as fortune telling or a psychic reading. If predictions are given, remember that the future is not fixed: human free-will choice can always shift things for the better. Your Record Keepers know you, and can give you suggestions, recommendations, and directions that may allow you to choose your course in life more wisely.

If you need financial, psychiatric, legal, or medical advice, it is strongly recommended that you consult your physician, health care, or other professional for assistance. The Record Keepers advice is not intended to provide you with legal, financial, or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, not are they meant to replace psychiatric consultations with a licensed practitioner. Your Akashic Wisdom disclaims any liability regarding this consultation that may arise directly or indirectly from any advice given.

Thank you for working with us in this way, in integrity and honor. Please sign below to acknowledge that you understand and accept these restrictions, and fill out the rest of this information for my bookkeeping purposes, and for potential future consultations.